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Virginia, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alice E.  Abt 1858Virginia, United States I3474 Simunac-Commer 
2 Ann  Abt 1786Virginia, United States I9232 Simunac-Commer 
3 Caroline  Abt 1831Virginia, United States I9229 Simunac-Commer 
4 Catherine P.  Abt 1790Virginia, United States I4322 Simunac-Commer 
5 Emily  Abt 1810Virginia, United States I4079 Simunac-Commer 
6 Nancy  May 1847Virginia, United States I5900 Simunac-Commer 
7 Nancy A.  Abt 1786Virginia, United States I8327 Simunac-Commer 
8 Sarah  Virginia, United States I8631 Simunac-Commer 
9 ?, Lucy  Abt 1790Virginia, United States I7297 Simunac-Commer 
10 Athey, Sarah  Abt 1825Virginia, United States I5802 Simunac-Commer 
11 Baker, David M.  Virginia, United States I4138 Simunac-Commer 
12 Blackwell, Garrett Beverly  9 Dec 1791Virginia, United States I8326 Simunac-Commer 
13 Boyd, Caroline  Abt 1826Virginia, United States I1854 Simunac-Commer 
14 Boyd, William  Abt 1780Virginia, United States I5741 Simunac-Commer 
15 Boyd, William R. Cody  Abt 1836Virginia, United States I5728 Simunac-Commer 
16 Brady, Edward  Abt 1834Virginia, United States I9226 Simunac-Commer 
17 Brady, Emily Jane  Abt 1824Virginia, United States I9224 Simunac-Commer 
18 Brown, Mariah  Abt 1822Virginia, United States I1887 Simunac-Commer 
19 Burch, James A.  12 Nov 1816Virginia, United States I6563 Simunac-Commer 
20 Burton, William W.  26 Jul 1814Virginia, United States I863 Simunac-Commer 
21 Cathers, Edward  Abt 1757Virginia, United States I3999 Simunac-Commer 
22 Corker, Abner B.  Abt 1844Virginia, United States I4689 Simunac-Commer 
23 Corker, Francis W.  Abt 1846Virginia, United States I4688 Simunac-Commer 
24 Corker, John R.  Abt 1835Virginia, United States I4685 Simunac-Commer 
25 Corker, Joseph M.  Abt 1837Virginia, United States I7085 Simunac-Commer 
26 Corker, Marshall M.  Abt 1814Virginia, United States I682 Simunac-Commer 
27 Corker, Martha E.  Abt 1838Virginia, United States I7086 Simunac-Commer 
28 Corker, Mary T.  Abt 1840Virginia, United States I4686 Simunac-Commer 
29 Corker, William M.  Abt 1842Virginia, United States I4687 Simunac-Commer 
30 Davis, Chloe Zuriah  28 Aug 1818Virginia, United States I364 Simunac-Commer 
31 Davis, Jacob V. L.  11 Jul 1839Virginia, United States I1985 Simunac-Commer 
32 Denison, James  May 1814Virginia, United States I6264 Simunac-Commer 
33 Elder, Nancy  6 Jul 1794Virginia, United States I8190 Simunac-Commer 
34 Fambrough, David Gadial  23 May 1784Virginia, United States I4375 Simunac-Commer 
35 Fambrough, Thomas  Abt 1727Virginia, United States I8213 Simunac-Commer 
36 Farris, John Isham  16 Mar 1779Virginia, United States I562 Simunac-Commer 
37 Farris, Manuel  Abt 1794Virginia, United States I538 Simunac-Commer 
38 Goodman, Sarah  Abt 1832Virginia, United States I4134 Simunac-Commer 
39 Goodson, Mary Jane  Abt 1832Virginia, United States I7280 Simunac-Commer 
40 Hooker, James  Abt 1808Virginia, United States I5966 Simunac-Commer 
41 Johnson, Isabel  Virginia, United States I8628 Simunac-Commer 
42 Jones, James  3 Aug 1806Virginia, United States I711 Simunac-Commer 
43 Jordan, Henry E.  Abt 1760Virginia, United States I1720 Simunac-Commer 
44 Land, William H.  Feb 1827Virginia, United States I6829 Simunac-Commer 
45 Lyon, Nancy  Abt 1790Virginia, United States I5742 Simunac-Commer 
46 Maggard, Jacob  Abt 1824Virginia, United States I7307 Simunac-Commer 
47 Maggard, Sarah  Abt 1826Virginia, United States I7285 Simunac-Commer 
48 Mahon, Cynthia M.  9 Jan 1840Virginia, United States I6016 Simunac-Commer 
49 Martin, Phoebe  28 Aug 1784Virginia, United States I8515 Simunac-Commer 
50 Matthews, Mary Frances  2 Nov 1811Virginia, United States I6838 Simunac-Commer 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Basse, George  Bef 1683Virginia, United States I1574 Simunac-Commer 
2 Basse, John  1699Virginia, United States I1564 Simunac-Commer 
3 Basse, William  Virginia, United States I1555 Simunac-Commer 
4 Farris, Henry  Virginia, United States I588 Simunac-Commer 
5 Farris, Joseph  16 Jun 1816Virginia, United States I593 Simunac-Commer 
6 Freeman, Mary  Virginia, United States I8504 Simunac-Commer 
7 Jones, Prudence  Abt 1760Virginia, United States I8500 Simunac-Commer 
8 Prosser, Nancy Ann  6 Mar 1805Virginia, United States I786 Simunac-Commer 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Apprenticeship    Person ID   Tree 
1 Stovall, Bartholomew  7 Jul 1684Virginia, United States I905 Simunac-Commer 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Stovall, George Sr  7 Dec 1786Virginia, United States I1033 Simunac-Commer 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bass / Watkins  Abt 1751Virginia, United States F332 Simunac-Commer 
2 Basse / Batten  20 Sep 1641Virginia, United States F582 Simunac-Commer 
3 Freeman / Hancock  24 Oct 1693Virginia, United States F5499 Simunac-Commer 
4 Porter / Walker  Abt 1756Virginia, United States F1815 Simunac-Commer 
5 Sanders / Burton  5 Oct 1725Virginia, United States F2607 Simunac-Commer 
6 Stovall / Hicks  1768Virginia, United States F382 Simunac-Commer 

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