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1 *** per Family Bible Records **** Which is in the Possession of Chief Barry Bass of the Nansemond Tribe. Acopy of the original document can be found in the State Library ofVirginia and reads: Nathaniell Basse and Mary Jordan was married ye 21 day of May in ye yearof our blessed Lord and Saviour 1613 ******************************* Family: F583
2 and was divorced shortly after Family: F447
3 Article on page 148 of "Heritage History of Chester County, South Carolina", 1982, says that Mary Culp married Lemuel Nunnery, but another article on page 149 says that Mary Culp married Amos Nunnery. Page 89 of "Captain Bill", Book Three, 1990, by Robert J. Stevens, gives detailed information about her husband Joseph Lemuel Nunnery.  Family: F639
4 H. R. Miller officiated. Family: F1080
5 I may have found David Standley in the 1870 census, but he was listed as being a farmer and living in the household of Leander Cester, a carpenter. There is no sign of his wife Louise. It's possible she died, but I may also have the wrong David Standley. Family: F4040
6 Joshua Barbee officiated at the house of Robert Robison. Family: F836
7 Joshua Barbee officiated at the house of the bride's mother in Marshall, Mo. in the presence of Leonard Wilson, Rowland Vance, and L. W. Miller. Family: F43
8 Listed as 14 Dec 1824 in Peterson book. Family: F2626
9 Listed as 15 Dec 1827 in the Peterson book. Family: F2620
10 Listed as 24 Dec 1818 in Peterson book. Family: F324
11 Listed as 27 Dec 1830 in Peterson book. Family: F2621
12 M. L. Laughlin officiated. Family: F1079
13 Performed by A. P. Sallaway. Family: F1125
14 Performed by I. B. Dotson, Minister of the Gospel Family: F719
15 Performed by James E. Drake, M. G. Family: F4004
16 Performed by James M. Goodson, J.P. Family: F4003
17 Performed by James W. Dickey. Family: F44
18 Performed by W. B. McFarlane Family: F4104
19 Performed by Warren Compton. Family: F1122
20 Performed by William M. Newland. Family: F47
21 Presumably in SC Family: F537
22 Rev. F. M. Burton, cousin of the bride, officiating. The wedding was at the home of the bride's aunt, Fannie True. Family: F38
23 Rev. Oliver Guthry officiating. Family: F6046
24 Rev. Wesley Shipman officiated. Family: F469
25 The marriage license lists Lula Roork as being 18 years old, although the 1900 census lists her birthdate as Dec. 1892. Family: F6076
26 The marriage was performed by Joshua Barbee, minister of the gospel. Family: F1082
27 The Rev. D.H. Muller officiating Family: F439
28 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F9
29 has the marriage date as 17-Dec-1885. The Mississippi Marriage compendium as the date as 8-Jan-1891. The 1900 census states they were married 15 years. Therefore, I will go with the 1885 date. Family: F3457
30 has 1889 as the marriage date. However, the Mississippi Marriages compendium has it in 1891. Family: F3458
31 Her tombstone has her birth date as 1861. Alice E.
32 She died at 6:35 AM. Dr. G. S. Hardie (?) was the attending physician. Dr. A. B. Jones was the informant. Alice E.
33 Family records have her name as Kizza, as does the 1900 census. The 1910 census lists her as Kitty. The 1920 census has her name as Keedar. The 1930 census lists it as Kid. Kizza
34 Per Dawn Schwingel, Mira's father was French and her mother was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian. Last name is unknown. Mira
35 Page 82 of "Heritage History of Chester County, South Carolina", 1982, says that he lived in York Co., SC, just across the county line with Chester Co. Page 162 of "Early Records of Fishing Creek Presbyterian Church, Chester County, South Carolina, 1799-1859", 1980, by Brent H. Holcomb and Elmer O. Parker, says that he is buried in the cemetery in Row 22.  William Agurs, Jr
36 The family information I received from Herb has a birthdate of 1876, but the 1880 census lists her age as 2. Therefore, I've set her birthdate as 1877. This makes more sense, since her sister was born in 1876. Arminta Akers
37 She died at 9:45pm. G. Aiken was her physician. W. J. Jones was the informant. Clarissa M. Baker
38 Accoring to McLeod, Stovall, Hinkle and Allied Families by Daniel Peterson, Richard was born in 1892. However, according to the 1900 census, his parents were married in about 1895 and had Ruby as the only child. The census indicated one child and one living child. Also, the census taker lived next door to the Barnhills, so the information is probably accurate. In the 1910 census, Richard is listed as 7 years old, so his probable birthdate is in 1902.
Richard Barnhill
39 The type of business is unreadable. Richard Barnhill
40 Parents unknown The Basses were members of the Church of England and 14 of their 15children were baptized in St. Gabriel's and St. Helen's Bishopsgate inLondon. The baptismal record for their son Samuel was not located ineither church, however, he was named as a son in Humphrey's will.Humphrey and Mary died within a month of each other and are buried in theNunnery at St. Helen's, Bishopgate, London, England. The nunnery wasdestroyed by fire in 1799. In his will, Humphrey mentions his wife andnine of his children. He also referred to his brothers, Thomas [deceased]and William as well as his father-in-law, Charles Pressy, andmother-in-law, Genevieve and several of his wife's relatives. ************************************************* per Bass of the South by Albert Bell************ Will of Humphrey Basse and Mary his widow were proved in the PrerogativeCourt of Canterbury [Registered 65 Cope & 80 Cope] Brief abstract of Will of Humphrey Basse. Dated 13 may 1616; proved 5 June 1616 by Mary Base, relict, executrix:Mentions Wife Mary; sons Nathaniel, Richard, Samuel, Humphrey and Luke;Daughters Hester, Abigail, and Sarah; and daughter Mary Walthall, wife ofMr Luke Walthall; father -in -law Mr. Charles Pressy and his wife;brother Thomas Basse, late deceased; brother William Basse; AbrahamBusher, John Busher, Nathaniel Busher, Jeremy Busher, Dr. Sampson Hussey,Thomas Franklin, William Wiliston, Humphrey Browne, Richard Bogan,Anthony Arrington, Henry and Mary Bradley, Mary Sumpton [nurse], andnurse James. Witnesses Edward Lawman, Thomas Hobson, William Perrye, on16 Dec. 1617 commission granted Mary [Basse] Walthall, daughter of thedeceased to administer according to the tenor of the will, 'for that MaryBasse the relict and executrix is deceased and that Luke Walthallexecutor of Mary Basse is also deceased.' Register 65 Cope. **************************** Humphrey Basse
41 Nathaniel Basse was born in England and baptized 29 Dec. 1589 at St.Gabriel Church, Franchchurch Street, London. He died 3 July 1654Middlesex, England and is buried in the church at St. Alphage,Cripplegate, London. The church and surrounding area was almost totallydestroyed during W W II. He married Mary Jordan 21 May 1613 in Englandand thirteen children were born. Mary was born ca. 1580-1595 in England,and she died in childbirth 17 Jan. 1630. Nathaniel made many tripsbetween England and America to establish colonies in the new world. Thefirst record of such a trip was just 12 years after the Mayflower landedin Plymouth Rock. On 27 April 1619, a ship commanded by Captain Evansarrived at Jamestown, VA. Among the passengers was Captain Christopher Lawne, Sir Richard Worsley,NATHANIEL BASSE, John Hobson, Anthony Olevan, Richard Wiseman, RobertNewland, Robert Gyner, and William Willis. These men immediately settled near the mouth of a creed on the south sideof the James River [still known as Lawne's Creek] and called it the Isleof Wright Plantation. Captain Basse established a plantation in this areaon the Warrosquoyacke River [ now known as the Pagan River] and named itBasse's Choice. Nathaniel Basse returned to America in 1622 on the 'Furtherance'. We doknow when he brought his family to the New World to live, but he wasappointed to serve in the House of Burgess [Congress of Virginia] in 1623and 1624, so he had probably taken up residence at Basse's Choice by thattime. On one of his trips back to England, Captain Nathaniel Basse died.He was buried in St. Alphage Church in London. The burial for Mary[Jordan] Basse is unknown, but she died in childbirth, probably in VA. **************************************************************** A Nathaniel Basse listed @ Basse, Nathaniel Burges, 1624-30, Warrascoyack Councillor **************************************************************** *195 Capt. Nathaniel Basse is ordered to see an order executed according tothe minutes of the Council and General Court of VA Exaicons taken before JOHN POTT Esq Gouerno the 25th day of March A1629 ************************************************************ per Bill Spaagaren ************************ This is the book of John Basse ... Nataniel Basse and Mary Jordan was married ye 21 day of May in ye year ofour blessed Lord and Saviour 1613. *************************************** *** per William and Mary College Quarter Historical Mag.*** Vo. 7, No 4 Apr. 1899 PP 205-315 ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY RECORDS I Historical Sketch The first occupants of this county known to history were the WarrascoyackIndians. Thier village was seated somewhere on Burwell's Bay, on Janesriver, and their territory extended some five miles along the shore andtwenty miles inland. Their fighting strength amounted to forty warriors.They were visited by John Smith in the summer of 1608, and fourteenbushels of corn were supplied by them to the famishing colonists atJames-town. When Smith and his party set out in Dec. 1608, to visitPowhatan at Werewocomoco, on the Tiork, they spent their first night atWarrascoyack. Here they left Michael Sicklemore, a valiant soldier, whomthe Indian king promised to furnish with guides to search the countryabout Roanoke Island for the lost colony of Sir Walter Raleigh, andSamuel Collier, a boy, who was to learn the Indian language. The chiefwarned Smith to be on his guard against Powhatan, and acted in good faithtowards Sicklemore [1] and Collier.[2] The first English settlement inIsle of Wight County was begun by Capt. Christopher Laene and hisassociates, Sir Richard Worsley, knight baronet; Nathaniel Basse, gent.,John Hobson, gent., Anthony Olenvan, Richard Wiseman, Robt. Newland,Robert Gyner, and William Wellis. [1] On April 27, 1619, Capt. Lawne arrived in person a Jamestown, withone hundred settlers, in a ship commanded by Capt. Evans. Sicklemore wasfurnished with two guides, penetrated to the Roanoke, but found no traceof the lost colony. [2] Samuel Collier became proficient in the Indian language, and wasaccidentally killed by a white sentinel at Kecaughtan [Hampton] in 1622. They settled near the mouth of a creek on the south side, still known asLawne's creek. This creek, whose name is sometimes written 'Lyon'sCreek,' was made the dividing line between the counties of Surry and Isleof Wight, as early as 1642. Capt. Lawne and Ensign Washer represented thesettlement in the first House of Burgesses, which met at Jamestown July30, 1619. All new settlements are unhealthy, and terrible mortalityprevailed among these settlers. Capt. Lawne soon died, and on Nov. 30,1620, the London Company ordered that 'in regard of the late mortality ofthe persons transported heretofore by the late Capt. Lawne, hisassociates by granted till midsummer, 1625, to make up the number ofpersons which they were disposed to bring over. ' They also declared thatthe plantation was to be henceforth called 'Isle of Wight plantation' - -a name, however, not in use too many years later. It was derived veryprobably from the the place of residence, in England, of the principalpatentees. One of them was certainly from Isle of Wight, viz., SirRichard Worsley, probably the Richard Worley , gent., who went toVirginia in 1608. He was knighted at White Hall Feb. 8, 1611. On Nov. 21,1621, Edward Bennett, a rich merchant of London, obtained a patent for aplantation conditioned on settling two hundred emigrants. His associatesin the patent were his brother, Robert Bennett, and Nephew, RichardBennett, Thomas Ayres, [1] Thomas Wiseman, and Richard Wiseman. And inFeb. 1622, the Sea Flower arrived with one hundred and twenty settlers,headed by Capt. Ralph Hamor, on of the council; Rev. William Bennett andGeorge Harrison, kinsmen of Edward Bennett, and connected with him in hiscolonization scheme. Their place of settlement was called 'Warrascoyack,'and sometimes 'Edward Bennett's Plantation.' On the day this patent wasawarded, Arthur Swain, Capt. Nathaniel Basse and others undertook toestablish another plantation in the same neighborhood. Capt. Basse cameover in person, and his plantation was known as 'Basse's Choice,' and wassituated on Warrascoyack river. [1] Many of the Kinsmen of Thomas Ayers, doubtless, came to Virginia. InLower Norfolk County records we learn that 'John Custis married therelict of Robert Eyres, dec'd [1652, Feb. 16] and that 'Sam Chew, ofHerrington, in Maryland, Esq., married Anne, 'daughter and sole heir ofWilliam Ayres, late of Nansemond' [ 12 Sept., 1672]-----ISLE OF WIGHTCOUNTY RECORDS 207 *************************************** The Council of Virginia *** Nathaniel Basse 1630 Born in England ******************* A manuscript copy of the Journal of this session is in the Public RecordOffice, London, and has several times been printed. 1623-4 Assembled March 5th 24 gentlemen including Nathaniel Basse Source : Hening's Statutes at Large of Virginia i, 128-129. The countiesare not given in this list. 1629 Assembled Oct. 16th Warrosquoyacke: Captain Nathaniel Basse, Richard Bennett, Robert Savin,Thomas Jordan. ********************************** No will or administration of Nathaniel Bass in the Prerogative Court. Theother probate courts did not function at this period. ********************** 20 May 1619 - 20 Jan 1625/6 minutes of the Council and GEneral Court ofVA Jan. 'XXth' 1625. 'Capt. Natha: Basse affirmeth upon his knowledgethat John Coombes & John Ewyne cam over into this County in the goodshipp caled 'Marigolde' Ano Domi 1619 the 20th of May and were deliveredby Capt. Lane to Sr. George Yardley to the Compenys use.' VA StateLibrary Archives and 'Combs, A study in Comparative Philology andGenealogy,' by Josiah H. Combs, Ph,D., Univ. of Paris, copyright 1976 byNorris K. Combs, Library of Congress Card # 76-023567, Published byNorris K. Combs, Pensacola, Fla. Second printing, 1979. p. 9. ************************************* Nathaniel Basse
42 J. G. W. Fisher of Alma, Missouri was the attending physician. Catherine Mary Becker
43 He died at 3:20 PM. R. E. Hogner was the attending physician. Mrs. W. E. Bess was the informant. Walter Everet Bess
44 He died at 3:00 AM. J. Bickel was the attending physician. Walter E. Bess, his son, was the informant. William Jasper Bess
45 She died at 4:00am. R. B. Brewster was her physician. Her husband, Leonard Leroy Huff, was the informant. Adeline Elizabeth Bigelow
46 from Rotterdam on board the ship Anteleon Lena Boer
47 from Rotterdam on board the ship Anteleon Lundert Boer
48 Herb has the birth month as November. The 1880 census has a notation of his birth month as October. Since the census has been very accurate so far, I will assume October. Alexander Boyd
49 Another age discrepancy. I'll use the age in the 1850 census. Barton Boyd
50 The year on the 1900 census is slightly blurred. I first thought it was 1840, but the 1850 census lists Harvey as 7 years old, so I suppose it could be 1843. Harvey Boyd

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